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About Us


What is JerkishBehavior?

JerkishBehavior lets you inside inside of what goes on through the mind of a Jerk. A Jerk is an individual who does things out of the ordinary naturally and instinctively in order to set themselves apart from the pack. A Jerk has a weird way of thinking in that being exclusive and elite in company is our main objective. Whenever us Jerks' do something we want to be the best. A Jerk is always trying to accomplish something that has't been done before by doing it themselves. Jerk's are always trying to change the game and kick in the door because the powers at be wont let us in. That"s why we don't try to fit in because they will spot you from afar when you're affectionately known to the world as a Jerk. 

JerkishBehavior is not only a clothing line but it is a lifestyle. JerkishBehavior is dedicated to the lifestyle that Jerks enjoy from fashion, sports, music, women, movies, and everything in between. There are timeless moments, events, figures, and individuals who have exhibited JerkishBehavior throughout history. JerkisBehavior won't be understood by everyone but it will be appreciated & loved by those who know. This is the clothing for those that do, hello jerks and 

                     WELCOME TO JERKISHBEHAVIOR!!!